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Clinical Internship in Surgically Assisted Bone Remodeling Techniques

This Program consists of a Clinical Internship for American specialists in Oral Surgery and Periodontics who are willing to complement their theoretical knowledge in maxillofacial bone remodeling techniques.

The participants will receive a comprehensive Hands On training in pig jaws to familiarize themselves with the bone remodeling techniques. Additionally they will receive first hand clinical exposure to live surgeries of patients requiring Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO), miniplates and TADs skeletal anchorages both, as first and second surgeon in the OR.

This will enable the participants to feel confident in all the details involved in the different techniques covered by the Program. Additionally the participants will enjoy cultural activities that will give them the opportunity to visit some of Chile’s most renowned tourist attractions.

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Program Objectives

  • Learn the basic maxillofacial bone remodeling techniques.
  • Practice these techniques in animal specimens (pig jaws).
  • Operate patients that require bone-remodeling techniques as second and first surgeon.
  • Experiment a cultural experience visiting Chilean tourist destinations.

Program Duration

Start date: Sunday, September 1th

End date: Sunday, September 8th